OLS-NA Inc. first opened its doors in 1974 under the name of Hyda Industries Inc., changing its name to Oil Lift Systems upon establishing a joint venture in 1990 with GMV Italy, a world leader in the manufacture of Elevator Hydraulic Systems. Oil Lift Systems now goes by its most current name, OLS-NA Inc., a name change that was more in tune with the products being manufactured and sold.

OLS-NA Inc. and GMV Italy are now a formidable team and has developed over the years into a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of elevators products including but not limited to Single Stage Jacks, Telescopic Jacks, Power Units, Elevator Car Frames, Elevator Doors and corresponding accessories to meet the demands of our industry and customers.

All equipment manufactured and supplied by OLS-NA Inc. is designed and manufactured to comply with the CSA B44 /ASME A17.1.