Non-Proprietary Elevator Parts

We supply non-proprietary elevator parts and components. Everything you need for your new installation or elevator upgrade project. Your order ships from our 50,000 sq ft plant in Ontario, Canada. Our products are manufactured and supplied by OLS-NA Inc. and manufactured to comply with CSA B44/ASME A17.1 requirements.

Our products are in-stock and competitively priced.

OLS-NA Inc. first opened its doors in 1974 under the name of Hyda Industries Inc. In 1990, Hyda Industries established a joint venture with GMV Italy – the largest manufacturer of elevator hydraulic systems in the world. Changing its name to Oil Lift Systems – North America (OLS-NA) best reflects the products we manufacture and sell today.

OLS-NA Inc. and GMV Italy are now a formidable team. Over the years we have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of a vast range of elevator products including single stage jacks, telescopic jacks, power units and elevator car frames – plus all the necessary accessories and spare parts.

Our 50,000 sq ft head office is located in Ayr, Ontario.

All equipment manufactured and supplied by OLS-NA Inc. is designed and manufactured to comply with CSA B44/ASME A17.1 requirements.

OLS North America Promise

We promise to be a trusted partner of elevator manufacturers, committed to their development and prosperity. With our high-quality products, patient and effective support, excellent design concepts, and high-end collaboration methods, our goal is to promote the progress of the elevator manufacturing industry and gain more possibilities for elevator development through cooperation.


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