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OLS Technical Support

Need any Technical help? We are here for you.


For decades, elevator manufacturers or independent elevator companies in North America have regarded OLS North America as one of the best suppliers of elevator spare parts, components or accessories. 

We are committed to providing accessible and reliable parts with comprehensive support for inspiring your growth and success. We are proud and confident of our reputation. Our technical consultants are professionally trained and have extraordinary industry experience. No matter what kind of technical support you need, our professional technical consultants are here to help. Don’t worry, let’s get it done together now.


We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Our products are designed and manufactured following industry standards and best practices to ensure consistency in process and product quality. 

We are continuously learning and improving to ensure customers have the best product and experience in dealing with us.


Commercial Elevators

Training Manuals, Certificate of Compliance, Setup Manuals

Residential Elevators

Owner’s Manual, MRL-M MRL-AH P1-P4, Leveling Device

Victory Door Systems

Installation Manuals


Frequent asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Well, we have answers, most of times!

Find your answers to some frequently asked questions below. In the meantime, you can also check our social media accounts. 

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OLS North America is the supplier of elevator equipment to the North America elevator industry, both commercial and residential. It is an original equipment manufacturer supplying non-proprietary equipments. 

OLS is not only a company that provides job opportunities, but also a humanized enterprise that imparts knowledge and warmth.

Both of our residential elevator products and commercial elevator products are popular.

OLS North America headquarters are in 2 Cochran Dr, Ayr, Canada.

You can just tell the material types, color and quantity you prefer via email or phone call, and we will send you a quote soon.